I'm just going to keep saying it

Did anyone watch the leader’s debate tonight? I did, and it was honestly the first time I watched an ENTIRE debate. It reminded me of when a group of friends does nothing but tell inside jokes as other people look on without any clue of what’s going on. Sure I watch the news and read the paper, so I know some of what they’re talking about but ultimately I don’t think they were talking about much of anything.

Do debates like this get young voters interested in the election? I don’t think so. I tuned in because I was interested in what they had to say, because, like I’ve said before, it’s important to vote and express our opinions on how our country should be run. Honestly, I just wanted to turn on a movie, but I’m trying, I’m trying really hard to be engaged in this election.

I read this really interesting article online today, which talked about young voters and how very little of us VOTE. The article quotes a study that found if young voters didn’t vote when they first had the chance the likelihood of them voting in future elections is slim to none. So please, read the article and prove this study wrong.  We have the opportunity to have a say so use it. If you don’t you might not regret it now but you probably will in the future, and by then it might be too late for a change.

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