Places to Remember

I was thinking today how places connect us with people. They remind us of someone, something or a time in our lives when we were happy or sad. Recently I found out that one of my regulars at work died from cancer at the age of 37. 37. Way to young. Apparently it was quick, she found out she had cancer and within 6 months she passed away. Her and her husband use to come and have drinks at this small-“home-town” bar that I work in. They always seemed like they were having such a good time and were so much in love – absolutely loving their lives’. She passed away on a Monday, and on Friday he was in for a couple of beers. Everything seemed normal, but at this point I had no idea. He just sat there with his beer alone in a place where you use to come with his wife, a place where they had fun. There’s no doubt in my mind that he was thinking about her while he was there. I wish I would have know. I wish I would have said something or bought him a beer. But maybe that’s why he came into the bar that night. He came in because he knew he could be left alone if he wanted, or he could talk to someone if he wanted. Whatever he needed my co-worker and I, and the other regulars, would be there for a shoulder to lean on.

Sometimes I really want to the bar. But, then moments like these happen when someone comes in and remembers all the amazing times they had with a special person, and they can know that the people around them are there if they want them – that’s something you can’t find to many places.

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